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Civil Acts Registration

According to the Consular Treaty between Russia and China, the Russian consular divisions in China can register civil acts for Russian citizens only.

Registration of birth

Parents or only parent must present following documents:

  • declaration of birth;
  • two notary-verified and consular-legalized copies of Chinese medical certificate of birth with Russian translation (one for birth registration, another for citizenship registration);
  • parents’ identity and nationality documents (passports and/or Russian internal passports);
  • parents’ certificate of marriage; if the marriage is terminated but the child was born not later than after 300 days from the termination date, also it’s needed to present the respective document (certificate of divorce or certificate of spouse’s death);
  • it’s recommended to present parents’ registration forms of residence in China to properly record the child’s residence address.

Due to the complicated procedure, the application is to be arranged in prior.

Application fee: none

Registration of paternity

When the child’s parents were not married on the date of birth, it’s necessary to register the paternity establishment.

Parents are to present following documents:

  • joint declaration of paternity recognition, or
  • juridicaly valid adjudicate of paternity establishment;
  • child’s birth certificate;
  • parents’ identity and nationality documents (passports and/or Russian internal passports).

Application fee: 69 yuan

If the child’s mother is dead or missing or juridicaly incapable, the father can apply for paternity establishment by himself, providing the written permission from a guardianship organ.

For further information, see Russian Federation Civil Acts Registration Law, articles 48 – 57.

Registration of death

An applicant must present following documents:

  • declaration of death;
  • the document of relationship to the dead (certificate of marriage, certificate of birth etc.) or Russian notary-verified proxy by the dead’s close relative;
  • Chinese medical certification of death;
  • dead person’s passport.

Application fee: none

To aid the body or ashes repatriation, the applicant also can present the documents issued by a funeral bureau for verifying the Russian translation by Consulate.

Registration of marriage

Applicants are to present:

  • joint application;
  • Russian internal passports;
  • in case of earlier being married, the document of prior marriage termination (certificate of divorce or certificate of spouse’s death);
  • if one of applicants is under legal age, the official marriage permit.

Application fee: 207 yuan

The marriage can be registered not earlier than 31 days and not later than 60 days from the date of application.

The marriage cannot be registered in following cases:

  • one of applicants is married;
  • the applicants are close relatives or adoption-related;
  • one of applicants is juridicaly incapable.

Registration of divorce

To apply for divorce to our Consulate, the spouses must permanently reside within the consular district and have no common children under legal age. For termination of marriage registered in non-Russian jurisdiction it’s recommended to apply to the respective country’s authorities.

Spouses must present following documents:

  • joint application;
  • identity and nationality documents;
  • certificate of marriage.

Application fee: 1930 yuan (from every spouse)

Spouses with common children under legal age must terminate their marriage by court’s adjudicate. Those permanently residing within consular district can apply to the Consulate for certificate of divorce after obtaining the adjudicate. In this case they are to present:

  • joint or one of the spouses application;
  • valid adjudicate of divorce;
  • identity and nationality document(s).