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If both parents or only parent have Russian citizenship, their child obtains the citizenship by birth with no connection to the birth’s place, there’s no need to specially apply for Russian citizenship, the citizenship is to be registered free of charge.

The child born outside Russia also can obtain the citizenship by birth if one of the parents is Russian citizen and the other is foreign national and there is the official document by respective country claiming that the child have no right to join its citizenship.

In the case that only one of two parents is Russian citizen, he or she have the right to apply for the child to join the Russian citizenship in simplified way. Along with the application the parent is to present:

  • two notary-verified and consular-legalized copies of Chinese medical certificate of birth with Russian translation, or
  • other country’s birth certificate (consular-legalized or verified with apostille and followed by notary-verified Russian translation if needed);
  • both parents’ identity and nationality documents (passports and/or ID cards);
  • child’s passport (if the child enjoys other country’s citizenship);
  • six colour photos of the child and four of the parent – Russian national, size 3.5x4.5 cm;
  • written statement by the parent – foreign national of agreement for a child to obtain Russian citizenship, verified by notary or foreign consulate in Guangzhou and followed by verified Russian, English or Chinese translation; if the parent can sign the statement completed in Russian, Chinese or English, the signature on the document and the translation (if the statement is not in Russian) can be verified on the spot by our consular officer.

Application fee: 448 yuan (paid by parent – Russian national)

Due to the complicated procedure, the application is to be arranged in prior.


Outside Russia an adult can apply to the Russian consulate for obtaining the citizenship only if he/she is a permanent resident of a respective country and one of his/her parents is Russian citizen permanently residing in Russia. For full list of required documents see “Regulations of considering the questions of the Russian Federation citizenship” established by Russian Federation President Decree No.1325 of Nov.14, 2002.

Application fee: 628 yuan